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Building the future of voice training & voice evaluation

SonoVoice provides science-based, guided voice training and voice evaluation so vocal athletes – singers and those who depend on their voices – can perform at their best.


"Vocal training has given me the tools to discover what my own voice is capable’s totally unique like a fingerprint."

Professional Singer


For vocal athletes,
by vocal athletes

Our team of singers, singing teachers, speech-language pathologists, voice scientists, and engineers is dedicated to unlocking the potential of the human voice. SonoVoice provides the science-based training and evaluation tools to help you discover what your voice is capable of.

"I tried voice lessons again and again but they didn't seem to know how to teach my style of singing."

Professional Singer


Unlock your
vocal potential with science-based training

Decades of voice science research has shown that a person can train their voice like an athlete trains their body – with scientific data and style-specific exercises to improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

SonoVoice makes these techniques and tools affordable and accessible. Until now, many of these techniques were only available in major metropolitan private studios or academic music programs.

"Singers are athletes, but our injuries are often less visible and less understood..."

Professional Singer


Affordable, accessible vocal health and fitness

A voice injury can lead to thousands of dollars in lost income and rehabilitation expenses. SonoVoice aims to provide science-based voice training to improve the efficiency of voice production and potentially avoid future injury. Future functionality will enable proactive evaluation of vocal health.

"What if you could sing into something that gave you energetic feedback that you’re at a good place to sing?"

Professional Singer


Voice evaluation

SonoVoice is developing methods to make science-based voice evaluation more accessible to patients and clinicians alike.

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