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Happy Holidays from SonoVoice!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all of our Vocal Fitness Friday newsletters in 2023.

We believe that understanding how the voice works is essential for vocal athletes. We also believe that learning about our instruments can be fun and thought-provoking. In our inaugural issues, we’ve talked about how exercise science applies to singing (the SAID Principle), and started exploring the components of the voice, also known as the vocal subsystems. It’s not enough to just know about the voice–we have to be able to apply what we know to make our voices function at peak efficiency. That’s where semi-occluded vocal tract exercises (SOVTEs) come in.


SOVTEs are such an important and key element of vocal fitness that we’ve devoted our last four issues to the topic, starting with what they are and proceeding to why they work and how to use them. We’ll be continuing our exploration of SOVTE’s in the new year as well as many other vocal fitness tips and topics. 



Our Newsletter Year in Review

You Are A Vocal Athlete
The SAID Principle
The Vocal Subsystems
How to Practice with SOVT Sounds

We look forward to continuing our vocal fitness journey with you in 2024 and wish you a Happy New Year!

Best wishes,
Your SonoVoice Team

Coming in January: How to Practice with SOVT sounds Part II

You are a vocal athlete!

Athletes put superhuman demands on the human body. They practice to stay in shape, get better and prepare for the event. No athlete expects to perform at their best without working on their technique, practicing skills, and preparing for the game. 

The same goes for you as a vocal athlete. Practice will help you be prepared for your event: performance. Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut! If you want to be at your best as a singer, you’ll need to establish a regular vocal exercise and practice regimen.

In our weekly Vocal Fitness Friday email, SonoVoice's team of experts in science-based voice training  will be sharing information about how the voice works, tips on keeping your voice healthy, and ideas for vocal exercises for peak vocal fitness.